Words from Elizabeth

My background in hospice and palliative care nursing led to an interest in pain management and adjunctive modalities to promote comfort. I discovered the Rosen Method while searching for a way to deepen my work. I wanted to bring people comfort and ease despite their illness. Concurrently, I was looking for ways to take better care of myself - to cope with the usual stresses of everyday life and the emotional demands of my work.

I began receiving regular Rosen Method sessions and experienced for myself the healing nourishment of body, mind, and spirit this work offers. Before long, I began the practitioner training, which included theory and practice, process sharing and personal work, and an internship with extensive supervision. I also provided Rosen Method bodywork sessions as a volunteer at a stress reduction clinic at NYC's St. Vincent's Hospital following 9/11. I graduated from the Rosen Method Open Center in 2002 as a certified practitioner.

In my private practice, I work with adults of all ages from different walks of life. Through my nursing career, my spiritual practicce, and the Rosen training I have learned about witnessing pain and suffering, providing presence and deep listening, being in the moment, and offering compassion. As I bring these qualities to not only my Rosen practice, but my life, I strive to contribute to a more peaceful world, one person at a time.

Further Qualifications

  • Rosen Method Bodywork practice since 2000
  • Over 30 years of experience as a palliative care nurse.
  • Academic degrees from New York University and Hunter College
  • Meditation practice
  • Training in therapeutic touch, guided relaxation and imagery, and Eriksonian hypnosis