"No matter how many years I have been receiving Rosen sessions, each time I am still astounded at the magic. Elizabeth's grounding presence, gentle and amazing hands, and pertinent and thoughtful questions bring me to a place of clarity and landing within myself. 1 hour is equivalent to a week at the beach, the sand, the penetrating rumble of the ocean waves, and insight as the world stands still. "

Julia Wittich, Rosen Method bodywork practitioner 

"Elizabeth has an understated strength, warmth, and calm that permeates through her bodywork, and a healing touch that permates through more than muscles. No matter how stressful my situation, work, or week has been, seeing Elizabeth always plants my feet firmly in the earth and is extremely grounding. Our appointments together are a staple in my wellness regimen."

Margarita Alcantara, L. Ac. Liscensed Acupuncturist

"From my first session, I found Rosen Bodywork with Elizabeth to be an incredibly safe haven with an imemdiate benefit to the soul. After five sessions, I have also noticed an increased feeling of well-being and confidence. At first, I didn't put the two feelings together, but once I did, it made sense that releasing old feelings and current anxieties would equal a more contented self and positive day."

Ellen Ingraham, Business Networking Consultant