About Rosen Method

Rosen Method Bodywork promotes relaxation and well-being through a unique combination of touch and talk. It explores the relationships between muscle tension, the breath, and emotions - the connections between mind, body, and spirit.

Some people come to Rosen for help with physical or emotional pain. Others are interested in personal or spiritual growth. Each person has different needs and derives different benefits, but we all long to feel at home and connected with ourselves and others.

Sessions are one hour.  You will lie covered on a massage table, having removed as much outer clothing as you are comfortable with, always keeping on undergarments.  No oils are used. My hands will listen, making gentle and direct contact with the muscle tension in your body. Combined with verbal support, this touch facilitates greater awareness of what you are feeling physically and emotionally. The safety of the environment promotes relaxation and allows the possibility for suppressed feelings, attitudes and memories to emerge. Gradually, tension releases, opening you to greater ease, emotional freedom, and a deeper connection to your authentic self. The relationship we develop, based on trust and acceptance, is an important aspect of the work.

History of Rosen Method

Marion Rosen (1914-2012), founder of Rosen Method bodywork and movement, was a world leader in mind/body therapy.

Born in Germany, she was part of an extraordinary therapeutic community in Munich during the 1930s that included Elsa Gindler, Gustav and Lucy Heyer, and Carl Jung. She learned techniques for using movement, breath, and sensory awareness to complement psychotherapy.

Rosen escaped Nazi Germany and immigrated to Stockholm where she studied physical therapy.

Then, she came to the United States and continued her studies at Mayo Clinic. She developed the Rosen Method through many years of experience in her private practice of physical therapy. She developed a reputation among physicians and others of being someone who could help those who were not improving through traditional means. She began to teach others in 1977. Currently, there are training centers in Europe, Australia, Russia, Israel, Canada, and the United States.

"This work is about transformation - from the person we think we are to the person we really are."

                                                                                             - Marion Rosen